I would like to welcome you to My Open Crown.  I developed this site and blog to chronicle My Journey, reflect on My Insights and share My Invitation.  I hope that you enjoy your journey through mine.

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Namaste, Dana

Spiritual Journeys, Energy Awakenings, Healing Powers

If you are on a Spiritual Journey or having a Energy Awakening or learning to Heal Others, I hope that you enjoy My Open Crown.  Please make yourself known and your voice heard by contacting us, responding to us and sharing with us.



My Open Crown is a reference to the Crown Chakra.  An Open Crown Chakra is a Request for higher states of consciousness and an Invitation for Universal Life Force Energy.



Last evening, I opened up the Notes on my iPhone and wrote, “You can look at life as if nothing is a sign or everything is a sign.”  I choose the later.   I ask for signs.  Not only that, I ask to be clobbered over the head with them, blind sided by signs so I …


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